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Cut to The Chase! How Can I Enlarge My Penis Now? I Don’t Want to Know The Details – Just Show Me

Many men who are interested in enlarging their penises just want to know the A, B, & C’s of how to get on with their enlargement program. They don’t want to waste their time or energy trying to educate themselves on all the nitty-gritty scientific jumbo mumbo-jumbo that goes along with it.

This is so true! They don’t offer a course in penis enlargement in High School or College, so why should men seek out all the histological aspects and bio-medical engineering aspects of how the tissues really respond to penis enlargement and what makes it all tick and possible?

Heck, we all use computers at home or at work and just accept them for what they do and what they can do. We don’t have to know all the ins and outs of how they work and function. Most of us don’t even care about RAM, memory, or the speed of our disc drive…

All We Need To Know Is That They Work!

Same with penis enlargement. We need to know what works and what doesn’t work. I’ll give you a hint. Your choises are between traction and surgery.

Some things that don’t work:

  • Pills, patches, creams, magnets, sleeping under a pyramid, or electric impulse devices.
  • Some things that MAY work, caveat emptor:
  • Surgery. Those who undertake this option are, how shall I put it, “courageous” to say the least.
  • Weights: Another option for those with a “courageous” leaning. Perhaps bungee-jumping penis enlargement might work, too; now there’s an idea! Attach a bungee cord to your penis and jump off of a bridge. Hey, why not?

What does Work?

Good question! One only has to go back and look at the history and culture of penis enlargement over the years to answer this question. When we delve into this realm we find that penis “exercising”  has been around for centuries and still exists today. Thanks to some innovation and modern medicine we have a much more effective way to add inches, but more on that below.

The Time-Consuming Method

Slow, but time-tested and still being used, these “exercising” methods of penis enlargement are still the dog’s vomit of penis enlargement… Because they work. One simple method of utilizing one of the more basic concepts of these age-old methods is called “milking.” This is a simple exercise that simply uses a man’s hands to grasp the base of the penis, apply constriction, and “milk” the blood in the penis through the shaft and toward the head of the penis.

What this does is it encourages the chambers in the penis to expand and allows them the ability, over time, to hold more blood. When these chambers are able to contain more blood, what happens? The penis gets bigger! It’s quite simple.

So cut to the chase and stop wasting your time. Get the facts on real penis enlargement through exercising and stop wasting your time and money on useless or questionable methods.

The Fastest Method

Male penis enlargement has become an industry on it own, with thousands of products all claiming to have the ability to enlarge your penis overnight.  Male enlargement is not so easily accomplished and there are only 2 out of countless companies that have been medically recognized, clinically tested and FDA approved.

male penis enlargementSiz Genetics and Penis Health are have been both critically acclaimed and herald for their consent and amazing results.  Using both the penis extender and penis exercises for enlargement, available when you purchase the SizeGenetics system, you can quickly and safely transform your penis from small/average to massive and jaw-dropping!

Using the extender for 2 weeks most men see an average of approximately .5 of an inch and over a 6 month or less) period of time can easily see an increase of 3 inches!

That’s Huge! How would feel if you had 2.5″ ish inches more on your penis?  Start adding them Now.

male enlargementNot even costly surgery can give you those kinds of results and the best part is that it is Fully Guaranteed!  You have a whopping 6 months to try it, why so long? Because you will see results, it is that simple.  Use the device as directed and You Will Enlarge your penis.

SizeGenetics, Penis Enlargement That Works

For maximum penis growth, use both systems and you may literally triple your results in half the time (when used as directed). Update: Did you know that both Colin Farrell and Ewan Mcgregor use size genetics (as seen on the Jonathan Ross show)

Don’t waste your time or money on any fakes or bogus male penis growth products. You get what you pay for, so get the best and you are guaranteed results.

Take a look at the BBC’s report on the system and reporter Tim Shaw’s result and if that doesn’t make you want to jump on board, take a look at what other men have to say on our before and after page.

Male penis growth and male enlargement have been made easy thanks to this one of kind traction systemIt may well change your life, it will certainly change your sex life and boost your self-confidence.

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Not even costly surgery can give you those kinds of results and the best part is that it is Fully Guaranteed!  You have a whopping 6 months to try it, why so long? Because you will see results, it is that simple.  Use the device as directed and You Will Enlarge your penis.

With nothing to lose and incredible inches to gain why wait?

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