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Permenda Ltd is the company that sells this popular system and has offices present globally. Its reputation is outstanding.

SizeGenetics System provides the most effective ways to increase penis gain and sexual wellbeings in the shortest possible time by combining three penis-enlargement methods (exercise, device, pill) and sex guide.

It is made up of clinically proven SizeGenetics device, doctor approved, award winning #1 PenisHealth exercise program (Online Version and DVD). Now they allow you to combine with the leading #1 ProSolution pills for effective, fast and guarantee results. For this they offer a 30% discount on the best penis enlargement pills to be found.

SizeGenetics is also the only company on the market that is offering access to LoveCentria with their system. LoveCentria is a comprehensive online guide to sexual enhancement. You will learn how to use your new and larger penis with this complete system of enhanced sexual nature.

SizeGenetics device (also referred to as Size Genetics) is classified as a Type 1 Medical Device by CE Health Certification in Europe. It has been developed with the highest quality medical standards (UNE-EN ISO 9001:2000).

SizeGenetics device has the backing from reputable doctors worldwide such as Dr. Jorn Ege Siana, M.D. and much more. Hundreds of SizeGenetics collaborating doctors and clinics worldwide prescribe it and carry out treatments using the SizeGenetics device.

Urologists have carried out scientific studies using the SizeGenetics device with patients for penile-enlargement, curvatures correction treatments (up to 70% of the curvature is correctable) and post surgical treatments.

These clinical studies conducted over the decades have shown SizeGenetics device produce excellent and consistent results. At this time SizeGenetics is also undergoing another clinical study which looks to bring even better results overall.

Some of the independent medical studies carried out with device are shown on their website. It clearly shows that this works and is not based on fiction.

SizeGenetics device is superior to any other extender (like Andro, FastSize, X4Labs) available in the market in terms of its results and quality. SizeGenetics is also the few company that currently offers the comfort addition. This unique add-on allows the user to wear the device for a long period of time making it possible to achieve results faster.

Doctor endorsed, award winning #1 PenisHealth exercise program is designed to be used with the extender to accelerates penis growth and maximize penis gain.

SizeGenetics System also offers several free bonuses which include: Lifetime access to Men’s Forte Online, Seduction Secrets Ebook and Better Fitness Ebook. This are only available for a limited time only so make up your mind earlier so you can enjoy these value-added products

Our research revealed users reported average penis gain from 1 to 3 inches permanently. Their customer service delivers what they promised and is ranked outstanding by users themselves. They offer numerous ways for clients to contact them through email, phone, post and online forum.

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