Common Insecurities Among Men

Most common insecurities in men and how to overcome them

So you thought that it’s only the women who are the emotional creatures and face insecurities? Think again. According to a study, men are more insecure than women but, are better at hiding it. Men are actually more sensitive than what the society thinks them to be. If men are insecure about something, they would do anything to solve it. Male-centric insecurities are rising day by day.

Let’s look into some of the insecurities that men face and the solution to them (you may also be interested in this article from daily zen):

Body –
Men always wonder if their body looks appealing. They always worry about how tall or how short they are, they worry about how fat or how thin they are. This leads them to dangerous levels of desperation to achieve that chiseled figure which women admire. In a world where women admire Chris Evans and Liam Hemsworth, men are taught to feel jealous which often leads to pushing themselves beyond their comfort zone and beyond what their bodies can actually handle which is quite dangerous.  This goes for men the issues surrounding penis envy.  Many men have a type of body dysmorphia which causes them to feel as though they have a small penis and want to increase the size of it.

Solution- Eat healthily, indulge yourself in exercises. Eating healthy is very important. Avoid eating oily and junk food. Exercise daily or at least four times a week. If you cannot make time to sweat it out in the gym, try brisk walking or easy workout that can be done at home. Remember not to push yourself beyond a certain limit. As for the size of your penis, you should learn to appreciate what you have and if you’re average, understand that there is nothing to worry about. If you’d still like to add a couple of inches to it, you can add half an inch in two weeks here.

Hair –
More than women, men are concerned and conscious about their hairs. Thinning hairs and receding hairline give the man his worst nightmares. Men become very frustrated and insecure because of that.

Solution – You can take the medical route which would assist in hair growth, but, remember that has a lot of side effects. If you are ready to face all that you can go ahead. Or else, take some inspiration from Dwyane Johnson and remember, baldly is sexy.

Relationships and sexual ability –
Men are very insecure about relationships and sex. They might not say but, are more possessive when in love. They are found to be more anxious about sex than women. They wonder if they can actually make a reality of whatever they see all over the internet.

Solution – Try and talk with your partner about anything that you are worried abut. If you and your partner, both are in love, then there’s no problem in discussing your insecurities with her. Women are very understanding.

Finance –
The society has portrayed men as The Provider and hence men always worry about finances. Money can’t buy you happiness, but it can buy you things to make one happy. You don’t have to be as filthily rich as Bill Gates. Society has portrayed rich men winning females with their money. And thus the insecurity.

Solution – Learn to utilize what you have. If you are a man with an ambition and are working hard in achieving it, you are already a winner in a deserving woman’s eyes. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars in impressing your girl. That also doesn’t mean that you sit, fooling around all day and then brag about being insecure. Good personality and an ambitious man appeal more to a woman.

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