GilesHi! My name is Giles Freeman, I’m an electrical engineer by trade and male enhancement (penis enlargement) guru. What makes me a guru you say? Well probably the fact that I’ve tried just about every product or pill I could get my hands on over the years in my rather desperate attempt to make my willy bigger. I was born with a small one (family curse really) and it drove me mad until I finally decided enough was enough. 4 years,  £7500 spent and 3.75 inches gained.  The short of it is, I found something that works and I’m passing it off to you so you, my friends, don’t have to waste 4 years and all that money.  I’m promoting SizeGenetics because it delivered. Pure and simple.   I gained several inches using it (you can see more about my results in my review) and swear by it.

So have at ‘er.

-Giles Shaw
60 Sloane Avenue
Chelsea, London,

More about the company:


The SizeGenetics™ web site retails the clinically proven penis enlargement tension based device, the product is a classified medical type one device and is endorsed by doctors all around the world. This product is proven to work and can help to enlarge your penis length and girth.

Permenda Ltd is one of the leading retailers of this product and also boast many advantages over other companies including unrivaled customer support, refund policies, and fantastic distribution.

SizeGenetics™ has been around since July 2004, the product was brought to the market when customers were requesting that Lativio would stock this type of product to accompany the other solutions they had already purchased.

Before launching the web site Permenda invested a lot of time and resources in making sure that firstly the product worked, it was clinically proven, it was safe and user-friendly, and finally, it was the best solution on the market.

Fast forwarding to the current day Permenda have become one of the market leaders in supplying clinically proven penis enlargement products and this product is no exception.

The product became so popular we have now extended the product range to include PenisHealth™ membership alongside the device, now you can make the most of both tension based methods.

Clinical Trials

The SizeGenetics device has been subject to a clinical trial to prove its efficacy. Read the full article here

Safety Online

We actively source the highest quality systems to protect you and your credit card against online fraud.

Our innovative hacker-proof technology is the same as used by global giants Amazon and eBay, which ensures that your orders are protected.