Questions About Male Fertility

How To Increase Fertility In Men?

As a rule, we discuss how to make your penis bigger with the use of SizeGenetics. But I’ve had a number of crossover questions about how to boost fertility. I guess having a large willy is rather a point of pride and less than relevant unless you can also father some kids? So you are ready to have a baby?? You have consulted your doctor, stopped taking pills and started taking those folic acid supplements. Unfortunately, you find yourself still unable to conceive. If this is the case, it may be time to learn how to increase fertility in your partner. After all, conceiving takes two.

Before anything else, you and your partner should see a doctor determine if there are any underlying causes of infertility, either with you or with your partner. If a medical condition is present, it is obviously best to get it treated right away. Otherwise, you can probably go ahead and seek natural ways to help improve fertility.

Questions About Male FertilityFor men, low sperm count usually takes the blame. Fortunately, it is easy to work on increasing sperm production, although it may take some time to see results. For one, sperm count usually tends to be low among men whose testicles are exposed to high temperatures. In order to solve this problem, you should advise your partner to wear cotton boxers rather than briefs. He should also start avoiding saunas and hot baths, as these may also decrease sperm production. In connection to this, the two of you should also take advantage of the fact that sperm count is higher in the morning, which is probably one of the best times to try for a baby. Pro tip: Masturbate less frequently.

You and your partner can also learn how to increase fertility by regulating the frequency of your sexual intercourse. If your partner has low sperm count, he is better off ejaculating only two or three times a week. On the contrary, if his problem is related to the poor quality of his sperm, he should be ejaculating more frequently-approximately every one or two days.

Another way of increasing your partner’s fertility is by encouraging him to live a healthier lifestyle. If he has any vices like smoking and doing drugs, for example: he should drop them as soon as possible. He should also start abstaining from drinking alcohol and begin to reduce his caffeine intake. Additionally, a balanced diet and regular exercise can also do wonders for his fertility. In addition to a healthier lifestyle, make sure your penis is healthy and keep in mind that some penile conditions can be easily corrected.

It is not difficult to conceive a baby, as long as you and your partner are both committed to learning how to increase fertility.

If you’re a woman who’s interested in getting pregnant, learning about your reproductive health is a crucial first step in your journey towards pregnancy.

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